We offer a variety of services to our clients including

School Search

We help our candidates get the best schools for the program of their choice within their budget.

Program Research

Everyone has many inter-lapping interests. We provide the support to examine various programs that match individual interests to provide best-fit programs and personal fulfilment.

University Application

We know our candidates can do it themselves if they choose, but we make it easy for them when they apply to save time, allowing them achieve more with less.

Scholarship Packages

We are always on the lookout for scholarship opportunities our students can apply for in order to ease the burden of tuition and living expenses in their school country.

Visa Application

We help to make the visa application for school a breeze. We also provide support for US Visa applications and renewals. Our clients are kept abreast with the status of their applications so they can have peace of mind.


We help our students get English taught programs for first cycle (bachelor’s) degrees and second cycle (Master’s) degrees. This means that they can always follow the class in a familiar language. Then we take it a step further by providing support for the language of their host country so that they blend with the life outside the campus.


Read our latest articles giving you insights to studying and living in Europe, as well as other related gist that keep you abreast with developments.

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