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The Student Tourist

Traveling abroad is one way to see the world. As a traveler you see things from two perspectives. One is the perspective of the visitor, the outsider. In this frame of mind, you’re comparing where you are with where you’ve come from.

The other is the point of view of the one who is welcome who also belongs here even though he’s not from here. In this perspective you have several layers of identity to your views. You know that different places have their own ways of doing things. Your own task is to take the best from here and apply it to there, or from there and apply it to here.

That is what makes travelers sometimes wiser than those who do not travel. That is how travel transforms people. One very easy way to do this is to study abroad.

Regardless of where abroad is, a period spent in a foreign country will open your eyes to the vastness of the physical world, the sameness of individuals everywhere and at the same time their striking uniqueness and variety.

When you study in a foreign country that has other foreign students you are able to visit new places without leaving where you are. You instantly become instantly a tourist through the eyes of others.

And should you be fortunate to be invited to any of those places you have been seeing in your mind’s eye, you will realise like a child that life is beautiful.

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